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Transducers2023 Special Event - Future Visions for Transducers

Let's talk about the future potential of "transducers"
This field has great potential and will certainly continue to grow. Therefore, we would like to encourage young researchers to think about the future of this field and to use their ideas for the next steps.

Event Presenter Application

At the Transducers 2023 Conference, we will provide a place where researchers who are active in this field can freely discuss their ideas relevant to transducers to revitalize our community and share the results with all Transducers 2023 participants.

We will provide a two-part event for a lively discussion about the future of transducers.

Part I : Poster presentation and Workshop (13:00-16:30, Sunday, 25 June, Event Hall)

Young researchers representing their laboratory or group will present their future visions of transducers. All Transducers 2023 participants are welcome to discuss the future of transducers.

- Poster presentation: Share the future vision researchers want to advocate using posters. Ex.
  • Transducers of the next decade will be dominated by ____!
  • The mainstream of transducers of the next decade is ____!
  • The "Transducers 2033" will have a new _____.
  • Next new session in "Transducers 2033" will be ____!
- Workshop : Discuss the future of the field, and summarize the results in a small group after poster presentation. Each group select the representative to attend the panel discussion of Part II.

Part II : Panel discussion (17:45-19:00, Monday, 26 June, New Hall)

Panel discussion will be held with workshop representatives as panelists. Based on this discussion, we will share the future vision with all participants. We are looking for researchers to participate in poster presentations (one or two researchers from each laboratory. If more than two, please contact us at Please apply from the following:

Event Presenter Application
  • Application page will close on 31 May 2023 or when we reach a predetermined number of presenters.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a poster presentation at the event if we deem that they are not suitable for the purpose of this project.
Format of poster (A0, portrait):
Please represent your vision for the future at upper half of the poster. Please introduce your (or your lab's) research background at the lower.